The world in which it all tales begin and end. The planet is host to two moons, and four main continents each of which plays a different roll.

The northern most continent is filled with lush jungles and forests, a sea of green broken up into various islands. The inhabitants aren’t known to be too welcoming of those they don’t trust. If you can brave the endless verdant mazes you might find yourself face to face with a long forgotten memento of the past. The snake-like Elbrion once called this place home, and long after their extinction their ruins still send chills down one’s spine.

Vast deserts stretching across the equator, populated by towns built upon the promise of earthly treasures. From it’s hospitable northern and southern reaches, to the towering mountain ranges that surround the Vyala desert; this place will test you. Sitting within the sands is the Crucible desert, a relentlessly unforgiving stretch of land. Dunes like mountains, heat like the fires of hell, and a ring of massive obsidian shards are the only population this desert knows. If you do encounter one of its many native creatures; you might already be dead.

Mountains that pierce the heavens are as plentiful as the stars they reach out for. Live however prefers to exist farther below, in the many cracks and valleys carved within the landscape. On the northern shore lies seas of grasses and fields, worked by tireless hands. Though venturing here comes with its fair share of risks. Slave traders call these lands a bounty, bringing unsuspecting travelers to the foot of Heaven’s Reach a tower that seeks to surpass every mountain. Its long forgotten quarries now form a lake that has trapped newer residents, forced to endlessly build towards the stars.

In stark contrast to the north, the south is all but barren. An icy wasteland of snow, ice, and rock force those brave enough into a hard fought life. If the biting winds don’t kill you then the beasts will, or maybe you’ll be graced a privileged death at the hands of Divinity’s leader; the arch angel Michael who calls this place home.

The Endless Isles
A menagerie of islands, all with different stories, and secrets. From the frozen specks of land in the south, to the desert oasis’s, and even jungle islands teeming with terrifying beasts. Be wary though, to adventure out here you’ll need a ship and a crew. From there it’s an uphill battle amid a justice toting navy and the many pirates who call the isles home. Either way if you need to pick a side; it better be the right one.


A Dylaerian Adventure Metaldragon27