The most plentiful species on Dylaera (next to human) are the akyrie. A species long ago created when a galactic event swapped the souls of many. The souls of humans were thrown into the bodies of dragons, the souls of dragons into the animals, and the animals took residence within humans. Thousands of years of evolution has refined this celestial mishap into the akyrie of today.

All akyrie share a common trait; a three point transformation.

The Beast: They become the creature their soul originated as, a true animal in appearance.

The Human: Nearly indistinguishable to their non-akyrie counter parts, you’d be hard pressed to spot the difference.

The Hybrid: Combining the best of both, the hybrid takes the form of man, with the physical traits and abilities of the beast. Most akyrie within the boundaries of Outcast territory will remain in this state.

All akyrie children are born human, their eventual change remains unknown until the age of ten when they experience their first shift.

To say that there are many akyrie in Dylaera is misinformed. Though many animals were affected by the same event, not all of them became akyrie in the end. Only twelve of the millions of creatures that call this world home got such an honour.

Kesslan: wolf
Cregath: bear
Ghirout: cat
T’yhat: auroch
Baulon: bird
Sykilon: phoenix
Hallantine: goat
Mesa: rabbit
Pelani: monkey
Disyra: deer

Not every akyrie species was so fortunate as to be accepted with open arms. The snake akyrie Elbrion native to Eden were not only sought out for extinction, but it was the only course of action the world could agree on. Deep ritualistic ties and customs created a species that believed in its superiority above all. More importantly, it believed in the consumption of the weak, a belief that would lead to its eventual downfall.

The shark akyrie Je’dyer had a similar fate for a wholly different reason. A species that resided underwater was impossible to control. At a time when the civilization of Divinity wanted nothing but control, there was no alternative than extinction.

During the final year of the dragon hunts, which saw the species brought to the brink of extinction. The arch angel Lucifer took the souls of fifty-three dragons and infused them into human hosts. Through time this new species of akyrie was able to populate and successfully flourish becoming the thirteenth akyrie species: Vaelon


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